Breaking and Entering


Robbers have attempted using duplicate keys to get into homes. How they create these duplicate keys is not a secret. They regularly make them when they're in front of the locked door they want to go into. Normally, they steal the keys of reckless owners who are not careful enough to hide keys at better place.

Duplicating Keys and Picking Locks - Methods of Thieves

1. Obtaining the Original Key

Don't let your key dangle around your belt or anywhere that another person can see or touch just by sliding close to you. Different key impressions are shaped by means of clay or candle wax. Anybody can just place your key on a portion of wax to generate a mold. If you need to have a spare key prepared, make sure you are there while the key is being impression and created. Most professional  Centreville locksmiths use rollers or drillers, but the last phase of duplication involves sanding and filing the key's "teeth" in order that the fit is just perfect.

In some cases, obtaining the genuine key becomes a simple process, particularly if you make it a routine to leave your spare key by the door. Flower pots and over hanging shillings are the first places that burglars check for spare keys. What you think is a safe place to hide your spare key may be so apparent that anyone can find it. Be more creative when thinking of hiding places. Or leave your key with anyone you trust to avoid this custom.